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Masonic Car Emblems 2.75" Chrome Plated

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Masonic Car Emblems 2.75" Chrome Plated
Masonic Car Emblems 2.75" Chrome Plated
Masonic Car Emblems 2.75" Chrome Plated
Masonic Car Emblems 2.75" Chrome Plated
Masonic Car Emblems 2.75" Chrome Plated


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We know you're a proud Mason.

That is why today I am so happy to finally get our shipment in for these Masonic Car Emblems.

These are Chrome plater, 2.75" inch Square & Compasses with an adhesive sticker at the back that you can stick onto your car. They will not fall off and they are also are water-proof.

Masonic Car Emblems

Would you like me to send you one? How about 3?

We're currently offering a discount on bulk order for this item so here are the prices we have for each "package":

> One piece: $24.99

> Two piece: $34.99 (30% off)

> The Piece: $39.99 (50% off)

Get yours today bu clicking the "Add To Cart" Button above and we'll be sure to send you one of these straight to your front door - free of charge.

These items are also covered y out lifetime-quality guarantee as well (read below for details).

3 Pack Car Emblems

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