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Today we are going to explain to you the process of how you should go about picking and selecting a ring from the MasonicFind Store Ring Collection. We get messages daily asking us for help and feedback on which ring to choose, how to buy it, how long it will take to ship and so forth.

The best way for us to provide you with the best possible service we can, we need to make sure you are picking the exact items you would like, so if you are thinking of getting yourself a Masonic Ring, here's how you should go about selecting it.

how to buy a masonic ring online

What About The Masonic Rings?

We offer a vast range of Masonic rings on our website, it's by far the most popular collection and it's also the biggest. Our rings are hand selected based on what the average MasonicFind customer shops for.

We make sure we pick only high-quality products with the best price possible so you can rest assured that the ring you will be buying today is of the highest quality material and also at its best price you can find it.

How To Find Your Masonic Ring

The first thing you should know is your ring size. While we do cover a vast range of sizes, not all rings carry the same options so please be sure you know the ring size for you and pick the ring accordingly.

If you are not sure what size ring you wear, may we suggest you take a look at this guide that will show you how to measure your finger at home with a piece of string, a ruler, and a corresponding size chart.

Once you have your ring size ready, it's time for the exciting part... picking your new Masonic Ring.

How To Choose A Masonic Ring

As we said already, we have a major selection with most ring encompassing the all too know Masonic Square and Compasses symbol. However, some go a bit deeper than that and we also offer Past Master Ring and even a small (but growing) selection of Knights Templar rings.

They also come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and material with the most common being stainless steel masonic rings. We've also recently added a new collection of .925 silver pieces as well so there should be something you are going to find and enjoy wearing.

You can see our full selection of Masonic rings here >>>

How To Purchase A Masonic Ring Online

We are fussy on time, and we want to make sure your checkout process is as seamless (and safe) as possible. All you need to do is pick your ring, continue shopping for more items if you so desire and once ready go to your Cart page first.

The reason you should go to your Cart page before checkout because if your order value is over $20 in value, we also want to send you a free masonic pin of your choice.

You can read more details about that here >>

Once you have added your free gift, all is left to do is to check out and you can do so by using PayPal. For a while, we were also accepting native credit card payments but seeing as how PayPal already offers this and it's by far the safest option you can use for online transactions, we have made PayPal as the only option for checkout.

The checkout process should not take long at all. In should only take around a minute or so and if you encounter any problems along the way, we're only ever a short email away.

How Long Before You Receive Your Masonic Ring?

We receive plenty of orders daily and we are relatively a small team here but we do our best to process your order as quick as we can.

Since we ship directly from our suppliers, you should expect to receive your Masonic ring in as little as 10 to 15 business days from the day of purchase.

How To Track Your Masonic Ring

Here at Masonic Find, we offer free shipping on all our orders and you also get free trackable shipping. This means that once we ship your order out, you will start receiving updates all along its way on its travels to your doorstep.

At any point in time, you can go in and by using your tracking number, you will be able to find exactly where it is and when is it scheduled to arrive.

Do We Do Refund On Masonic Rings?

Yes, we do. If the product is late or if the item is not as described, we will issue a full refund no questions asked. Please note however that we do not issue refunds on rings which were ordered the wrong size.

Hence why it is important you find out your ring size before you place an order for a masonic ring.

In Closing

Hope this post has shown you how simple it is to buy a Masonic ring online. If you need any further assistance, be sure to get in touch with our support team at

The MasonicFind team is ready to process your order. Which Masonic ring will you be getting today?

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